"Study of Revelation 20" -Wednesday Bible Study - John Nichols [ Lessons from Revelations Attached]

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1. Jesus sees each church and the circumstances that they face. 2. Jesus is the perfect PPK. (Elijah and Moses) This shows his ability to deliver and lead and atone. 3. Regardless of the circumstances the churches face in Asia Minor, they are expected to bear fruit. (Disciples produce, most nominal Christians consume.) 4. God’s Throne is secure. 5. Worship is a disposition of the people and creatures in Heaven regardless of their primary function. 6. Jesus is the only one worthy in heaven or on earth throughout time to bring redemption. 7. Jesus’ power is seen in his love. 8. Your prayers are mixed with the worship of the angels. 9. Worship flows naturally from gracious hearts that are filled with hope. 10. God’s Judgment on Rome magnifies his sovereignty over the world. 11. Evil implodes on itself. 12. People that mock God now will be afraid of his presence and revealed anger later. 13. God stops judgment to hear the prayers of his people. 14. God is mysterious (7 Thunders). 15. Judgment is not leveled against the people of God. 16. The people of God are not saved from martyrdom, they are saved through martyrdom. 17. Evil only has a limited time. Endure! 18. Our mission only a limited time. Work hard! 19. 666 is Neron Caesar. He is the imperfect pawn of the Dragon. 20. 777 is Jesus Christ. He is perfect, perfect, perfect! 21. The Devil sets up things that have enough spirituality to fool you into thinking you don’t need Jesus. (Satanic Trinity) 22. Whatever you face today, there will be worship and singing in Heaven. 23. The New Song of Moses gives all honor to God, and keeps none for mankind. 24. We must see beyond the moment. It took 400 years for the prophecy against Rome to be fulfilled. 25. Any group or person (nation, institution, church) that puts its own glory above God’s character will begin to decay until it falls swiftly. (Swiftly is an interesting concept in the scheme of eternity.) 26. God is praised for salvation, justice, his control, and for the marriage supper of the Lamb. 27. The saved are married to Christ 28. The Lord’s supper should connect us to the vision of the future when the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will be eaten. It transports us to higher things. 29. Jesus doesn’t need the faithful to win the victory. Jesus’ victory comes through his word alone. 30. Jesus will return. 31. Once we die, our eternity is sealed. 32. We live risen today. 33. Satan is bound, we are destroyed when we venture into his dominion. 34. Even on Judgment Day God teaches us grace. The Book of life reveals the saved, not the book of actions. 35. Jesus is coming back. 36. The words will turn some to the Lord, but most will still not listen. 37. The New Jerusalem comes down from Heaven. 38. The Point of the Afterlife is being in God’s presence. It’s not mansions or eternal rounds of golf. It’s being with the Lord. That should be good enough. 39. The New Jerusalem has characteristics of Old Covenant People and New Covenant People. It’s a perfect square. The only other square in the Bible is the Holy of Holies. 40. Access to the Tree of Life is restored, the story of God and man has come full circle.

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