"Elect Exiles p 3"- 4/5/2020 Online Worship - John Nichols

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Elect Exiles – Part 3, A Study of 1 Peter

April 5th, 2020

By: John Nichols

Welcome back.  It is good to be back

together. I hope that over the last couple of weeks,

that you have found our time together to be useful and

meaningful. My prayer has been that God would do

something with the opportunities we have. I have been

incredibly grateful for feedback, I have been thankful

for the text itself, and I know that God is going to

reveal something to us. And so my prayer for today is

that he would do that, and that we would grow because

of our time together today.

So let's ask God to bless this time, as we

always do, and then we’ll jump in, and we’ll continue

on in 1 Peter. Let’s pray.

God, we're grateful for who you are to us,

just who you are. We’re thankful that you are, as

Peter says, a blessed God and father of our Lord Jesus

Christ. God, our prayer is that we would bless you,

that we would bless other people and point them to you,

so that they would see you as blessed, the source of

blessing itself. We need your help. We need your help

with how we feel. And, God, more than that, we need

your help with what we know. So we pray that you would

be with us this morning as we study, as we think. We

pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

You are elect exiles.  That's really the

backdrop of this letter. You’re where you never

thought you would be. You’re with people that you

never thought you would see. But your circumstance

cannot take away God’s blessing - it can’t - because

God’s blessing runs deeper than circumstance.

Perhaps this whole period of time that we

find ourselves in, in the world right now, has caused

you great concern from the very beginning. Let me tell

you a little bit about our experience just for a

second. We have been concerned, obviously, about

everything that we’ve read in the news or seen on the

news, that we know that’s going on around the world,

but over the last two weeks there’s been a little bit

of novelty to some of the experience that we’ve had.

Let me give you an example.  As a family, we

got to make our own communion bread, and that was a

really cool experience for us as a family, to be able

to take communion in a way that we have never been able

to take before. We spent a lot of time, over the last

couple of weeks, playing outside. And we normally play

outside, but we were able to play outside a little bit

more than we normally do. We have spent time together

that this time has afforded us, that we would not have

spent together as a family. And so while we have been

concerned about what we know to be true, we’ve also

appreciated some opportunities. And I don’t know if

that rings true for your experience. And while those

things are still true, we’re still going to be able to

take communion together. We’re still going to be able

to play outside together. We’re still, at least for

several more weeks, going to be able to spend more time


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