"Elect Exiles" Part 2- [3/28/2020]-(Sunday Online Service) - John Nichols

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Elect Exiles 2 – A study of 1 Peter Sermon by: John Nichols – March 29, 2020 Welcome back. It is good to be together in this way. I just want to say thank you so much for choosing to be with us. Again, we know this is different, but, hey, there’s opportunity here, and I’m grateful that you are making the decision right now to sit down and study God’s word with us. Thank you for choosing to do that, period, but also, sincerely, thank you for choosing to do that with us. We started a study of 1 Peter that we’re going to continue now, and so I want to pray God’s blessings on our time, and then we’ll jump in and we will study together. Let’s pray. God, I’m grateful for your word. I’m thankful that you are pursuing us through your word. God, we know that you are pursuing us generally, but, Father, we feel even now that you are pursuing us specifically in this time that we’re in. We’re grateful for the comfort of the word. We’re thankful for the message of Jesus Christ that redeems us, that gives us hope, assurance, and conviction, and everything else we need. Father, I pray that you would use this time for us to hear that message and really that message alone. We pray in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen. As we talked about the last time we were together, the audience that Peter writes to is dispersed. They have been pushed out from Jerusalem. They have been pushed away from everything they have known, in terms of their faith, from a Jewish context, and they’ve been pushed to places that they never thought they would go, seeing people that they never thought they would see. But God says, you can still be blessed. Even though life may not look like you want it to look, blessing is still there. This current situation, folks, that Peter is writing to, is not going to limit God’s ability to bless, it’s not going to limit your ability to obey, and it’s not going to change the mission that you have for ministry. And here’s the thing. Here is the really cool, interesting, good news. The same is true for us. Our time does not limit God’s ability to bless. It doesn’t affect his work in our life. It also doesn’t affect our ability to obey, and it doesn’t affect the truth that we have ministry in front of us to do. We can have multiplied grace and peace. We can have multiplied blessing, even while we are exiled. Even when we’re dispersed to the four corners of the Earth, God is still working. Now, I don’t know about you, but it’s awfully easy for me to let feelings dictate a lot of life. It’s easy. I think it’s part of the human condition to allow how we feel to dictate very much what we do in life. But what I want you to know is, sometimes how we feel isn’t the truth. Sometimes feelings get in the way of what we can know. That’s why surface-level truth is always damaging. That’s why we have got to dig in deeper. And I might should have said this the last time we were together, but I want to be real clear with you now. I’m absolutely convicted for the word. I’m convicted for the power of the word. I think there’s a reason that for thousands of years, when God has wanted to communicate something very specifically, his chosen method has been for a person to stand on top of a prophecy or a text, a passage, a parable, and to say, this is what God says. Now, what we say is not always inherent, but what God says is. It’s always true. You can trust his word. You can rely on his word. And one of the reasons why the word is fundamental to our faith is because the word helps us know. In a world where how we feel is so up and down and all over the place, it’s important to know. And that’s what Peter is doing. He’s reminding his audience of what they can know. It’s easy to let circumstances dictate how we feel, and how we feel to dictate the rest. But God is saying, no, no, no; here is what you can know. Here is what you should know. How we feel should never dictate what we know, but what we know should influence how we feel. There is power in the word. The

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