What is Possible When You " Follow Me" [ Matthew 19:21-28]- Jerry Mercer

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Matthew 19:16-28

People aren’t content anymore.

Even people who are wealthy just want more.

They’re just not content.

Rich young ruler said what can I do to inherit eternal life?

Eternal life always has its origin in God.

People usually compare themselves to someone worse than they are

Jesus said to rich young ruler -it’s not about you.

The quality of life is important sometimes more than quantity of life.

John-talks about eternal life so many times in book of John.

Quality of life begins now on earth with your relationship with Jesus Christ. It doesn’t start when you die. It starts now.

RYR – wants eternal life. Wants to be complete. Jesus tells him to sell all he has and give it to the poor

Solomon, David, Abraham – didn’t have to have vow of poverty.

We don’t know about RYR – God knew his heart.

Perhaps he had a heart so full of stuff that he didn’t have room for God.

It’s only to the point that you empty yourself of self that you can be filled with the Lord.

You can’t hold the Lord when your hands are full of stuff.

Jesus said it’s easier for camel to go thru eye of needle than for rich man to go to heaven.

Peter comes along and has his question: Lord, we’ve left it all—what’s in it for us?

Whatever you give, God will give back to you in multitude.

God gives rewards. Wages is used more than any other when it talks about reward. Not talking about salvation.

We are saved by grace.

Hebrews 11:6 Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

God is going to give everything back to you. Time spent

Money spent

Money given

Faithful over a few things – God will make you ruler over big things.

Our reward is far beyond heaven itself.

What is possible when we follow the Lord?

It all depends on your commitment- your investment.

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